Due to COVID-19

GrowthGroups will be postponed at this time. 

Our growthgroups are an integral part of the community life at GateChurch!  Each group focuses on building relationships that help you grow.  It is our desire for you to walk your journey with people who will encourage, uplift, and inspire you.  Get connected by signing up at any table throughout our main campus or stay connected by following us on social media!


Stay Tuned!

Our GROWTHTRACK is the on-ramp to help you become a part of GateChurch ministry.  It doesn't matter if you are just checking out GateChurch for the very first time or if you have been coming for years, everyone has a unique next step.  From your initial decision to finding out more about the vision of GateChurch, to a fulfilling ministry role on our team, we will provide you with a path to experience growth and fulfillment.  

This track is comprised of a 1DAY | 1HOUR class that happens quarterly @ 3:00 pm | Sunday Afternoon. 


This class is not only for learning but also to strengthened, equip, & help you look differently at your Christian Life.  It’s okay to have doubts except when they turn into unbelief.  Our very mission in this class is to “turn doubts into belief” and we will do this by teaching through the Bible, answering questions you may have about God, &  begin to grow in a positive way towards life.  

This class is for anyone who may be struggling with their faith or just have a lot of questions in general.  

(4 Week) Class Coming Soon!